Facilities at Precision


With Induction melting, Simultaneous Jolt/Squeeze Molding, mechanized Sand Plant, well equipped core Shop, Tumble Shot blasting as well as online Ferrolab. Capable of making all grades of Grey / Ductile Castings. Patterns made in house in Pattern shop.


With Gravity and Pressure Die-Casting lines with Oil Fired Melting Furnace. All die-casting Tools made in our Tool Room.

Machine Shop

Fully Equipped CNC Shop with Imported VMC’s and CNC Turning Centers,PLC Controlled Grinding and Hobbing.Conventional Machinery for all type of machining including Turning, Milling,Grinding,Drilling etc. All Pump Gears made inHouse on Imported Hobbing,Shaving and Shaping Machines,with Gear Quality DIN 8 or better routinely made.


We assembled nearly 160,000 pumps in 2005 in our Dust Free Assembly Room. Custom built Test benches and testing fixtures are used to check pumps 100% for performance. Endurance test is also done, where required.

Quality Control

Fully Documented Quality system ensures Traceability in line with ISO norms. Quality hardware include equipment for Inhouse Calibration, gear testing, Foundry, Metallurgical and Process control equipments. Specialized Quality Equipment like CMM and Gear Lead and Profile Tester ensure critical Characteristics are set correctly at mean value in process.


We have successfully developed several Pumps from Customer Input data of Fitment,Drive,Connections and Space availability.Besides we also develop new Products from Customer Samples by Reverse Engineering.

Tool Room
In house tool room and pattern shop produce our entire needs of patterns, Core boxes, Die-Casting Dies etc. VMC, EDM & Conventional tool sinking Machinery used to make and maintaining all Tooling Inhouse.